Wood Badge for the 21st Century is a leadership training course designed for all adult Scouters

The course incorporates the traditions of over 80 years of Wood Badge, while adding the management and leadership training necessary to be successful as a leader in the 21st century.

Wood Badge is more than a classroom–it is games and hands-on projects. You will come away with an appreciation of Scouting's heritage as well as with a dream for the role you will play in its future–the impact you will make on the youth in your own unit at home. Participation in this course will also provide skills to help you achieve success in other aspects of your life...like at home, or in your career!

The course is a 2-weekend, fun-filled practical training period where the Scouter lives as a member of a team progressing through Scouting, and learning the skills of leadership. The application phase is completed at home, by implementing the skills learned by accomplishing a series of written goals called a “Ticket”

2018 course information: