Cape Cod & Islands Council News

A New Era in Scouting


A Letter from the Council President

This month we are excited to welcome the first dens of girlsto Cub Scouts.

These are significant times for all of us, as we look back at our heritage . . . and forward
to our future. As President of the Cape Cod and Islands Council, I am incredibly honored to join with the nearly one thousand Cub Scouts in our council in sharing our programs with
their new members.

This is a great chance to look back at the many female leaders throughout our century
of service that have been indispensable in getting us to where we are today: The best youth leadership program in the United States. A stronger and better BSA results in a stronger and better Cape Cod, Massachusetts and America.

The Scouting Program that we have worked hard to create will be shared with entire families. All the experiences and lessons that have made us great will be introduced in our time-honored programs and many cutting edge technological opportunities.

Thank you for all you do and for joining me as we continue to develop and grow the most highly recognized youth program in America.

Frank Geishecker, Council President

posted: February 1, 2018