Advanced Leader Training

Advanced Leader Training

Leaders that desire a deeper understanding and involvement in the program, and who are otherwise qualified, will find advanced training programs highly rewarding. Completion of these advanced courses provides volunteers with the leadership skills, tools, and motivation to provide a higher quality program for the youth that we serve. These programs serve as the advanced training program for Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity and Venturing.

A prerequisite for advanced training is the successful completion of basic training for the participant's current primary registered position in Scouting.

Wood Badge

Wood Badge Logo Wood Badge is generally known as the highest level of adult Scout leader training. It is an executive retreat style training over two three day weekends, where the participant gains an in-depth understanding of the values, vision, and mission of the Boy Scouts, with presentations on effective communication, stages of group development, and management through leadership, amongst many  others. There is also fun at every corner, and you will treasure this course for the rest of your life. If you see one of the many Scouters who wear the wooden beads that signify a Wood Badge trained leader, ask them what "critter" they are, and watch the smile spread across their face. Join our wonderful club made of great people and incredible Scouters by taking Wood Badge, and be happier in your lives.

Powder Horn High Adventure Skills Resource Course

Powder Horn PinCluster Council Course (Boston Minuteman and Cape Cod & Islands) Aug/Sep 2011 Cancelled.

Powder Horn is a two-weekend resource management course designed to motivate and prepare adult Venturing leaders to support the Ranger Award. This course will in two full weekends of training give all participants an opportunity to experience the Ranger program themselves as if they were the Venturing youth. Powder Horn is designed to expose the Venturing leader to activities and resources necessary to operate a successful Venturing Ranger program in several ways, including the following:

  • Help Venturing leaders and Scouters to safely conduct outdoor activities of a fun and challenging nature.
  • Provides an introduction to the resources necessary to successfully lead their Venturers through a program of high adventure.
  • Familiarizes the Advisor with the Ranger program so that he or she can help the Venturer meet the requirements of the Ranger Award.

This course is based on the ranger requirements giving participants an exposure to some of the outdoor/high adventure activities. The course will include the following Ranger Core Requirements and many of the following Electives: (No one has to do any of the activities they feel uncomfortable with.) Backpacking; Communication; Conservation Project Development; Cooking; Emergency Preparedness; Expedition Planning; First Aid; Fishing; Plants, Wildlife & Ecology; Wilderness Survival; Land Navigation; Leave No Trace Camping; Life Saving; Mountaineering; Outdoor Living History; Physical Fitness; Shooting Sports; and Working with Teens.

After completing this course, participants will have sufficient introductory information, which will provide the following outcomes:

  • Detailed knowledge of the Ranger Award and other Venturing recognition's.
  • Knowledge of the health and safety requirements, and rules and regulations of the Boy Scouts of America as they apply to outdoor programs.
  • Introduction to the skills necessary to operate their outdoor program and the certifications necessary and how to obtain those certifications.
  • Knowledge of how to identify local resources and consultants for Ranger Award activities.

This course is not a total training program, which will enable the Venturing leader to be an expert in the many outdoor skills. They will most likely still need knowledgeable, trained, and certified individuals (Consultants) to help provide a safe and correct outdoor/high adventure program.

Participant Qualifications

  • Must be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Must have participated in Youth Protection training for Venturing and/or Boy Scouts within the past 12 months.
  • Must have completed Venturing Specific Leader Training (Venturing Adult Basic Leader Training) or Introduction to Outdoor Leader Training (Scoutmaster Fundamentals) prior to attending Powder Horn.
  • Be able to meet the physical requirements of BSA Class III physical in a backcountry environment.


Seabadge pinSeabadge is the official advanced training program of Sea Scouting. This 3-day course is designed to provide the program specific management techniques that can improve the quality of the Ships' programming. Seabadge training is designed to:

  • improve the understanding of leadership, management, and motivation among selected experienced Sea Scout adult volunteer leaders;
  • provide management, leadership, and presentation skills and tools to these leaders so that they may use them and share them with others in their day-to-day activities and through leading a Seabadge conference; and
  • use this understanding and these skills and tools to improve and expand both the quality and quantity of the Sea Scout program as a way to reach the Aims of Scouting.

Seabadge is offered every year, generally in the Fall, by the Northeast Region of the Boy Scouts.

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