Unit Web Sites

A web site can provide information on activities/events, highlights of den/patrol activities, recognition of award recipients, "thank yous" for volunteers, lists of items needed (for camp or other field trips) as well as lots of photographs. This online tool offers the advantages of immediacy for changes/updates, nearly unlimited space for photographs and information, plus full color images/photos with no postage, printing or paper costs. However, since pages may be viewed by anyone, caution must be used to protect youth members and the privacy of leaders and families. See the web guidelines for these best practices.

Currently the Council does not offer unit web space, but recommends checking with member's parents to see if they have connections to secure web space. Free space is also available through various site hosting services, but be sure that their advertising doesn't contain objectionable content. Additional companies offer fee-based hosting. Choose what works for your unit and budget.

One simple and inexpensive solution is to use Google Apps. There is no cost for non-profit use ofGoogle Apps, but you can choose to register for a domain name for $10 per year.

The free "Standard Edition" is sufficient for a unit website.