Soda Pop Mobile

Hang this mobile in front of a window and watch it spin around. You can use any theme of Craft Foam pieces.
Contributed by Gerry Boucher
Cub Scout Pack 74

Materials Needed:
1 - 3-liter Soda Bottle
1 - 2-liter Soda Bottle
1 - 20 ounce Bottle
Craft Foam Pieces Any Theme
1 inch wide x 18 inches long Craft Foam
Various Colored Thread, or Cross Stitch Floss
1 Pony Bead

Finished Project
Materials and Tools Tools Needed:
Glue Gun
Drill with 1/8" Bit
Hole Puncher
Cut bottle
Cut bottles at top of labels.
Drill hole in 3-liter and 20 oz. bottle, discard 2-liter cap.
Punch bottle

Hole punch each bottle.
3-liter, 5 Holes
2-liter, 4 Holes
20- oz., 3 Holes

Pin Hole Foam

Pin hole each foam piece and tie string and attach to bottles.
3-liter, 2" string
2-liter, 4" string
20-oz, 6" string
Glue 18" craft foam to hide holes on 3-liter bottle. Cover Holes
Tie String Tie string
through 20 oz cap and tie off with pony bead.