Pony Bead Indian Corn

Welcome your guests with homemade Indian corn. Even Pocahontas would have a hard time telling the difference from genuine Indian corn.
Contributed by Gerry Boucher
Cub Scout Pack 74

Materials Needed:
Approximately 500 Pony Beads
(Yellow, Brown, Orange, White, Red, and Blue)
12 Safari Lion Pipe Cleaners
2 - 24" Golden Wired Edged Ribbons (Husks)
1 Rubber Band

Finished Project
Materials and tools Tools Needed:
Pliers to help twist the ends of pipe cleaners
Twist 1" ends of pipe cleaners until tight.


Randomly slide beads over pipe cleaners leaving top 1" exposed.
Approximately 37 per pipe cleaner

Twist top end of pipe cleaners tight.

Tie off

Make cross shape with ribbon and install rubber band over top.