Everlasting Sandwich Bag Wreath

Greet your guests with a colorful wreath last will last for years.
Contributed by Gerry Boucher
Cub Scout Pack 74

Materials Needed:
Wire Coat Hanger
Approx 125 -150 Fold and Close Flap Type Sandwich Bags
White Bread Ties
Assorted Colored Satin Christmas Balls

Finished Project
Materials and Tools Tools Needed:
Pliers Wire Cutter
Paring Knife
Slice flaps
Slice inside flap Seam of sandwich bag on both sides. Flap should be equal to fold over flap.
Cut hanger
Cut off curved top of hanger where braided section starts.
Shape Hanger

Stretch hanger into round circle shape.

Tie bags
Tie sandwich bags onto hanger.

Tie Bread Ties

Tie bread ties onto satin balls.

Arrange satin balls to desired design on wreath.

Arrange satin balls