Egg Carton Tulip Bouquet

Brighten Mom's day with this beautiful arrangement.
Contributed by Gerry Boucher
Cub Scout Pack 74

Materials Needed:
Styrofoam Egg Carton
Foam Holly Leaves 2 per Tulip
Assorted Permanent Parkers and or Stencil Paints Any Color
Round Florist Foam
Green Pipe Cleaners (stems)
4-1/2" Plastic Pot
Brown Foam Sheet (Soil)
Orange or Yellow Foam Dots (Pollen)
Small Stones (Weight)
4 Nails
Finished Project
Materials Tools Needed:
Hot Glue Gun
Hole Puncher
Step 1
Cut egg carton into tulip shapes
Step 2
Paint or Permanent Markers Tulips to desired Color
Step 3 and 4

Slide Holly Leaves on Pipe Cleaner

Poke Hole in Tulip with Nail and Insert Pipe Cleaner

Step 5

Glue Pollen Dot to Pipe Cleaner

Step 6
Cut Brown Foam into circle to fit top of Pot

Punch Holes all around Brown Foam

Insert stem ends into soil and bend and glue to underneath

Step 7 and 8
Step 9 Nail soil to florist foam
Step 10
Place stones in pot and set completed bouquet in pot
Last Step
Tie 1 pipe
cleaner around all stems to keep them upright