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BSA Character Counts LogoWelcome To Scouting

The problems facing families today are complex. The Cape Cod & Islands Council offers a program, which can help young people deal with today's pressures while preparing them for tomorrow's role as responsible adult members of society. Our program addresses ethics, values and integrity. And it Works.

While there are many programs and activities available for young people, Scouting offers moral guidance, positive adult role models, and character development.

When you and your child choose to become involved in Scouting, you are making a life decision you'll never regret.

The Boy Scouts of America has programs specifically designed for boys in grades one through high school and for young men and women age 14 through 20. Whether your child is a youngster learning to make supper while Mom works second shift or a high school student interested in high adventure or finding out if aviation, search and rescue or firematics are viable career options, we have a program for you.

If you're not presently participating in a Scouting program, visit the links to the left for program details and find out how to get involved. In addition, our brochure, "What Parents Should Know About Scouting in the Cape Cod & Islands Council" pdf is available  for download, printing and distribution.

Welcome and Best Wishes for a long and happy Scouting experience!