Review of Information Presented during the June Shakedown Campout

Last updated: 6/25/2017

During our June 16-18 "Shakedown" campout, we spent time reviewing the things a Scout needs (or wants) to know when attending the 2017 National Jamboree. We also did some Jamboree-style cooking and spent time getting to know each other.

Food Preparation and Cleanup

Unlike traditional Boy Scouts outings where meals are prepared by and for individual patrols, meals at the Jamboree will be prepared for all 40 people in a unit. Most of the food items are pre-cooked and just need to be warmed-up using steam pans. Lunches are shelf-stable meals that you will take with you in the morning. The Jamboree Food Team site provides information and sample menus.

Jamboree Food Team site:

Video on using the steam pans:

Proper food handling and cleanup will be critical at the Jamboree with almost 40,000 people attending. We will be there for 10 days and need to make sure that food is not left out to spoil and that all kitchen items and mess kits are properly cleaned. At past Jamborees, improper food handling and cleanup resulted in sickness including units being quarantined to their sites. We do not want this to happen to us! We reviewed the following videos on cleanup:

Video on washing and sanitizing:

Video on cleaning a nasty skillet:

Campsite Setup and Takedown

When we arrive at the at our campsite, we will be responsible for setting up the site. There will be 3 pallets of gear including tents, cots, dining flys, picnic tables, stoves and other equipment. We will need to organize teams to set up the different part of our campsite. It will be important that we follow specific directions due to fire regulations. There is a video that shows a standard campsite setup (from the 2013 Jamboree) and a link to a list of all of the equipment that we will receive. At the end of the Jamboree, we will need to pack everything back onto the pallets before we leave.

Video of typical campsite setup:

Link to list of gear that we will receive:

Personal Gear and Uniforms

We reviewed the list of personal gear that Scouts will need to bring with them to the Jamboree. The gear list can be found here:

Gear List

Jamboree Activities, Schedule and App

Most of the information that you will need for the Jamboree can be found in the "2017 National Scout Jamboree" app. Just search for that in the Apple or Android App Store or click on one of the following links:

Apple App Store:

Android (Google Play) App Store:

If you previously downloaded the "Event Truly" app, please be advised that the Event Truly app has been replaced by the 2017 National Scout Jamboree app.

The app will provide all of the information you need to know about the various events and activities at the Jamboree including maps, directions and wait times. Scouts will also be provided with a paper guide with a map of the Summit and descriptions of activities there. If you would like to look at the maps ahead of time you can view them at the following links:

Map of the Summit Center -

Map of the Summit -

The Summit Center is the "downtown" area of the Summit. It's the only area accessible to those who purchase visitor passes to the Jamboree and contains many exhibits, food concessions and scaled-down versions of the activities that full Jamboree participants can do.

There is no special registration or sign-up for most of the Jamboree activities. They are first-come, first-served and may require you to wait in a line for a significant period of time to do the activities. The only exceptions to this is whitewater rafting. You must have signed up for whitewater rafting, paid your fee to council and bring the special whitewater rafting waiver in order to participate.

Most of the activities at the Jamboree can be done anytime the activity areas are open. However, there are three activities that we will be scheduled for as a unit.

  • Whitewater rafting - those who signed up for whitewater rafting will all go on the same day. This will take up most of your day. The troop and crew may do these on different days.
  • Day of Service - during the day of service, we will go out into the community and do a service project for a non-profit or community organization. The troop and crew will probably do separate projects. It's important that you bring clothing that you can get dirty or get paint on for the day of service.
  • Garden Ground Trek - The Jamboree Trek is an all-day adventure beginning at the unit campsite in the subcamp. Units will be led by an OA trek guide on a five to six-mile hike to Garden Ground Mountain by one of several routes. Participants will carry their lunch with them to enjoy at the top of the mountain while they enjoy a full day of games and demonstrations. The event ends with a closing program before returning to camp via bus. Program activities are: OA Indian Village, Buckskin Games, Pioneering, Highland Games, Spartan Games, Field Sports, Other Games and Demonstrations.

Participation in the Day of Service and Garden Ground Trek are required.

Aerial Tokens & Adventure Pass Tokens

While most of the activities at the Jamboree can handle a large number of participants, there are capacity limits for Aerial Sports activities. An Aerial Sports Token or Big Zip Token will be given to each youth to ensure that every participant gets to experience one aerial activity. All of the other program areas are open to all youth participants to use as often as they wish. The troop will receive six (6) Big Zip tokens to distribute. The remainder will be General Aerial Sports tokens. We will receive these token upon our arrival at the Jamboree and will determine a fair way to distribute them to those who want to experience the Big Zip.

There are also times that program areas are forced to close due to weather. To be fair to a Scout that has waited in line, but could not experience the activity, a separate token has been created. Any Scout who has waited in line but did not get to do the program due to unforeseen circumstances will receive an Adventure Pass Token.

ATV Experience

The BSA will be offering an ATV Experience. Scouts will be able to ride along ATV-designated trails at the Summit. However, Scouts must be 14 or older, take an online training course and bring a consent form. You must also sign up for a time at the ATV location at the Jamboree. Spaces are limited so Scouts are encouraged to sign up early.

Online training course link:

Link to consent form:


We took a look at the schedule. You can review a general schedule at the following link:

Jamboree Schedule link:

If you look at the schedule, you will notice that there are no visitors during the first 2 days. White there, visitors will be limited to activities at the Summit Center (the central part of the Jamboree site). If you want to do activities at the Summit Center, it's recommended that you do those during the first 2 days.

Code of Conduct

The BSA has a specific Code of Conduct for attending the Jamboree. It pretty much says that the participants will act like Scouts and follow the Scout Oath and the Scout Law while being part of our contingent. The parent and Scout agreed to the Code of Conduct during registrations. Major violations of the Code of Conduct may result in the parent being asked to pick up their Scout at the Jamboree.

Code of Conduct

Trading Posts and Food Concessions

There are one large trading post and some small ones. The large one will carry a huge variety of merchandise including items found in the Jamboree catalog. They will also carry sundries like toothpaste and toothbrushes. The smaller ones will, of course, carry fewer items.

There will be a few snack bars located in the Summit Center. It's up to the Scout to decide whether they're going to eat the shelf-stable lunch that they're provided or spend their money at the snack bars. However, Scouts are expected to be at our campsite during breakfast and dinner as important announcements may be made during these times.

Snack Bar Menus link:

Travel Itinerary

Please see the itinerary on the main page:

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