Website Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

A. The Council News eMail List is an opt-in service. This means that only you can add your information to our database. This ensures the integrity of the service by preventing unwanted/unsolicited and malicious subscriptions. Simply submit the form located our mailing list options page. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting your information. You must respond to this email in order to complete your subscription. Instructions are included in the confirmation email. You may also unsubscribe at any time. Visit our mailing list options page for detailed instructions.

A. Have you changed your email address? Are you using spam detection software? Do you use email 'challenges' or auto address update software? Do you use an autoresponder when you are on vacation? Does your email account have a quota? Have you attempted to respond to the List mailings?

The Council News eMail List is configured to detect 'bounced' emails. When the List receives an email from anyone other than authorized administrators, it assumes that the sending email account (your email address) is not longer viable. The address is automatically removed from the database.

  • Be sure to manually approve the mailing list email address ( in your spam filter's whitelist and address book management software. The mailing list can not respond to 'challenges' or auto address update requests. If you do not control your own spam filters, contact your ISP and ask them to whitelist our email address for you.
  • Do not reply to the List mailings. The List is not a person - no one will ever read your email. If you would like to contact the Council Service Center, send email to:
  • If you have changed your email address, you may update your account information by visiting the mailing list options page.
  • If you use an autoresponder, adjust the settings to accept subscription mailings.
  • Check your email account quota. Delete old mail from your server. Hotmail and Yahoo accounts are notorious 'over quota bouncers' - empty your spam and bulk mail folders often.
  • If you believe that you have been unsubscribed from the List, simply submit the subscribe form again. If your account is still active, you will receive a message stating so

A. News may only be submitted to the List by an authorized contributor. All submissions must receive approval from the Council Executives before distributing to the List. If you have information that you would like to share with our subscribers, contact the Council Service Center.

A. All submissions must be approved by the Council Executives before posting. Please forward your event information  and supporting documents to

A. All submissions must be approved by the Council Executives before posting. Please forward your event information  and supporting documents to

A. No. The Cape Cod & Islands Council does not participate in banner or link exchanges. We will provide links to web sites containing information and resources deemed useful to our membership. In addition, links will be given to Council unit web sites upon approval - please send your unit's web site url and the email address of your unit webmaster to the Council Service Center.

A. National policy prohibits us from granting access to our domain. However, there are many places on the Internet that will host your web site for free or at a reduced rate. Google Sites offers free web site hosting for personal and non-profit use.