Campaster Corps

Applications are now being accepted for the volunteer position of weekend campmaster. You may do this with your family, or a small group of other scouters. You have the weekend to enjoy the camp, while at the same time facilitating its use by others.

Campmasters will serve as hosts for all weekend activities at the Reservation.

Duties will include:

  • Checking units into Campsites/ buildings.
  • Being available to address needs and concerns of units.
  • Overseeing or facilitating work projects.
  • Possibly conducting some programs. (For example, a Campmaster who is expert at orienteering may choose to set up a course which the units in Camp could use if they choose.)
  • Keeping a log of all activities in Camp.
  • Checking units out of campsites/buildings.

Campmasters will stay in the newly renovated heated Camp Master Cabin (former Nurses Lodge sleeps four) for the weekend. At least one person staying for the weekend must be a registered scouter over the age of 21. All BSA and Council regulations regarding camping and use of facilities will be followed. You are responsible for your own meals. Campmaster will work in cooperation with, Council Vice-President of Camping, Council Executive, Council President, Camp Ranger or designee. Campmasters will be on the property from 7pm Friday until 1pm Sunday, or arrange coverage approved by Vice-President of Camping or Council Executive.

Those selected to serve as campmaster will be required to take a one hour training and orientation class and walk through the camp to locate and identify emergency utility shut-offs.

Please contact Tom Deltz to sign up. Be sure to pass this information and application (pdf) along to anyone you think may be suited for this position. If you wish to apply for more than one weekend, please submit an application for each weekend desired, and indicate possible alternate dates. We would like to have the entire season filled ahead of time, so please sign up now for any weekend you desire.

You will be notified as soon as you are assigned to a specific weekend.